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We provide strategic management advice, training, and specialist reports on a wide range of issues involving agricultural business, economic loss assessment, compensation claims, property and agricultural business purchases, supplier - retailer liaison, and negotiations on financial agreements. We have a proven track record working with farmers, large industrial groups and we have been involved in many of Ireland’s most high profile negotiations. Previous and current clients are listed hereunder:
  • Imperial Chemical Industries (UK)
  • Hoehst (Germany)
  • Tipperary Co-Op
  • Avonmore
  • Kerry A.G.
  • IFA
  • Wilson Country
  • AXA Insurance
  • FBD Insurance
  • AIG Insurance
  • Laois County Council
  • Wexford farmers
  • Business assignments in Europe and USA

(1992) Imperial Chemical Industries

This involved strategic advice in relation to the handling on an excess of 500 claims by cereal farmers arising from a problem caused by a new agrichemical in 1992.

"Quite frankly, Richard Rea's dogged determination, energy and professionalism makes him one of the best Agricultural Consultants in the country and makes him our first choice if we were ever presented with a similar type problem in the future".
Gerard Kelly, Technical Director, Zeneca Crop Production

(1989) Hoechst

This involved developing a methodology to determine reasonable compensation involving a new agrichemical (that had not worked properly) used in potatoes and the implementation of same.

"Time was of the essence and Richard and his colleagues worked twelve hours a day seven days a week over a three-month period to complete the work. We were kept informed throughout by regular interim reports, and meetings where the discussions were always frank, and to the point.
I found Martin & Rea a very professional organisation and would have no hesitation in recommending them".
Matt Browne, Managing Director, Hoechst Roussel Vet Limited, Tallaght, Dublin

(1994) Tipperary Co-Op

This consisted of providing agricultural input arising from a claim where the Co-Op was the Plaintiff

"As a director of Martin & Rea Ltd., Mr. Richard Rea carried out two important assignments on behalf of this Society. Mr. Rea also carried out extensive research for us in 1994 in preparing for a High Court hearing. The findings were a comprehensive ingredient in our defence preparations. My experience of Mr. Richard Rea is that his work is very thorough and highly professional".
Noel Horgan, General Manager, Tipperary Co-Op

Two agricultural Plcs:

The first assignment consisted of advice in relation to the acquisition of a number of integrated pig units and the implementation of same. The second assignment was a study of the true costs of diet feeding systems for ruminants.

(1998) Wilson Country

The assignment here consisted of identifying suitable distributors and obtaining listings with the main multiples in Ireland for washed fertilizer free potatoes.

"I found Mr. Rea to be very competent and thorough in this work, with a professional approach to all of his negotiations. His assignment, though difficult, was ultimately successful for our company".
Angus Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson’s Country Ltd, Co Armagh

(Early 90's) Mulder case

In the early 1990’s we acted for approx 250 dairy farmers in NI and Republic. This involved a preparation of individual claims and submitting to European Court of Justice. The company acted as project manager and engaged a full legal team. There was a successful outcome.

(1999-2000) Laois County Council

The requirement here was to advise legal team in respect of a claim against County Council involving an agricultural loss.

"Mr. Rea has provided services with regard to the formulation of a defence and the accessing of alleged agricultural related damages on our behalf. This advice has been in the areas of disturbance, loss of income, reduction in incomes arising from results of bacteriological testing, loss of stock, milk quota value, rodent control and acquisition of wayleaves. Mr. Rea has provided all necessary services in a highly professional and competent manner entirely to the satisfaction of Laois County Council".
Sean Mullins, Assistant Director of Services, Environmental and Water Services Section, Laois County Council

(Mid 90's) IFA

The assignment involved the preparation of a number of case studies associated with a claim against the EU.

(2000-2001) ICMSA

We were retained by ICMSA to assist them in negotiations with An Bord Gais in relation to compensation arising from a new gas pipeline.

"BGE first encountered the firm of Martin & Rea at key negotiations with the Irish Farmers Association and the Creamery Milk Suppliers Association in the year 2000. Mr. Richard Rea was one of the Chief Advisors to the farming organisations at that time. While tough, Richard was particularly fair and reasonable. His constructive input to those negotiations helped BGE to reach an important agreement with Landowners to enable us to build our pipeline to the West. Subsequent to reaching that agreement BGE were pleased to appoint Martin & Rea as Agronomists for a large number of landowners in the Roscommon/Galway section of the pipeline.".
John Donegan, Senior Agricultural Officer, Bord Gais, Cork

(2010) LEADER funded feasibility study

The feasibility study related to the economics of restoring a Norman Tower House. It involved input from a conservation architect, structural engineer, health & safety professional and economic input in relation to likely tourist and non-tourist demand for such a restored property and the related events. Our company coordinated the project from initial application for LEADER funding and the carrying out of the feasibility study.

(2013-2014) Wexford Creamery / GIIL ongoing assignment

The assignment here consisted of the following: to undertake a review of the financial and legal implications of the takeover of Wexford creameries by Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Ltd.
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