Agricultural Consultants, Agri Environment and Accountancy Services

Agricultural Consultancy Services

Farm Technical Advice

We provide agronomy advice on dairying, beef, sheep, horses, arable crops, forestry and horticultural enterprises.

Farm Business Management & Farm Financial Feasability

This deals with the overall financial planning and provision of agri-business services to optimise profit and improve cash flow and wealth maximisation, farm management, farm diversification, and preparation of banking proposals.

Land Purchase Assessment

We advise clients in relation to all matters concerning the sale and purchase of agricultural, and commercial property.

Discussion Groups

Beef, sheep and dairy discussion group facilitators - Qualified advisors in knowledge exchange through discussion group format, providing farmers / participants with knowledge and skills to improve productivity, and profitability on beef and sheep enterprises.

Farm Capital Investments

Our farming, buildings and planning team will advise on all aspects of investment decisions relating to farm buildings including building design, planning permission applications, cost advice, contractor recruitment, project and contract management, Department of Agriculture grant applications, construction supervision and construction management.

Milk Production Partnerships

We find suitable farming partners for milk production partnerships. We advise and negotiate terms, and prepare list of points of agreement to be incorporated into legal agreements prepared by an independent solicitor to the partnership.

Financing New Farm Business

In recent years banks are requesting more detailed information from farmers and self-employed in support of applications for new/increased borrowing facilities. The information requested is generally along the following lines :
  1. 3 years Accounts.
  2. Letter from Accountant confirming Tax position or Notice of Assessment.
  3. If Long Term Facilities are requested, 3 – 5 Year Annual Cash Flow Projections will be required.
  4. Copy of Planning Permission approval will be required for any new building development.
  5. Fixed Price Contract for work being undertaken or detailed itemised costings for work being done confirmed by agricultural consultant.
  6. If additional Security is required, this will be by way of Legal Charge. The Bank will normally require a Loan to value of Security of not more than 70% i.e. Security valued at €1M will cover Borrowings up to €700K.

If the Security being provided does not contain buildings, it speeds matters up – otherwise planning permission for existing buildings may be sought.

Bank will also require confirmation from clients solicitor – as part of security requirements – that existing Buildings are in compliance with planning requirements and if not, application for planning retention will be required.

The Rea Group will prepare Farm Financial proposals for your bank for new, or restructred borrowings.

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