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Experienced Management Team
We have assembled a professional management team forming a solid base. Each team member brings unique experiences and expertise, including investing in agricultural and commercial enterprises. Rea Group have more than 14 years international experience in acquisitions and mergers and technology transfer with a particular focus on central europe. Rea Group are the Irish representatives of Eurolink Partners a pan-European network of consultants.

We have connections in Europe, Saudi Arabia and China.


  • Working closely with local Eurolink Country Manager
  • Conduct market and financial research

Eurolink Partners is a network of senior professional consultants in 25 countries, specialising in helping european small and medium enterprises in developing their businesses and fostering their competitiveness. Eurolink Partners has one main consulting firm in each country managed, by a country manager, connected to the headquarters in Zurich.

Each Eurolink Partners national consulting firm has several professionals active across different industry fields and geographic locations within its national territory.

Rea Group clients enjoy unique access to expertise and networks rooted in all the major industrial hubs in europe and beyond.

Richard J. Rea (0) 86 607 0686
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