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Environmental Impact Assessment

The company prepares agricultural impact assessments as part of overall environmental impact statements, for engineering consulting companies, on infrastructural projects which impact on the surrounding environment, and farmlands.

Services provided consist of:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment - advice, reviews, action, and co-ordination.

  • Appeals and submissions to An Bord Pleanala.

  • Representation at oral hearings for impacted property owners.


The office has significant experience and success in dealing with planning appeals to An Bord Pleanala.  Our involvement in the planning appeal process includes :- 

  • First, and third party written appeals
  • Development contribution appeals
  • Oral hearings
  • Planning appeal submissions / observations


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a core aspect of environmental, and planning work undertaken by the company. EIAs are routinely required for larger development projects such as quarries, windfarms, infrastructure projects, and large scale commercial developments.  Other specialist inputs are provided by specialised independent consultants depending on the expertise required for the specific project and environment. As part of the project management and preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), we undertake the following : 

  • Scoping for environmental impact statements
  • Consultation with environmental bodies and organisations
  • Preparation and management of environmental impact statements
  • Preparation of other environmental reports including development description,
  • Planning & development context
  • Human Being Impact Assessment, Community Impact Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment.


Dependent on the individual circumstances, public consultation and representation plays a vital role in the planning process.   Our expertise in this regard includes the following: community engagement,  expert witness / public Inquiry, planning negotiation and advocacy, stakeholder consultation and Compulsory Purchase Order procedures. 


Sustainable use of resources for social, ecological, and economic means is as an important factor in contemporary planning practise.  We - in association with our retained experts offer extensive services in this regard including :  Leisure / tourism schemes such as caravan parks and marinas, alternative energy, particularly windfarms, and minerals planning including quarries, and extractive industries, Irish language statements, and impact assessments, countryside management, and waste management applications.   


Planning authorities can take enforcement action if a development does not have the required permission.  This company in association with the appropriate team expert can provide specialist planning advice in the form of advice on the exempted development regulations, case law and An Bord Pleanala referral cases, Section 5 exempted development applications, Advice on planning retention applications and appropriate responses to warning letters and enforcement notices.

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